Today, I had a follow up appointment with my orthopedist, Dr. Tifford, after my hit-and-run bike (me) vs. pick-up accident on High Ridge Road. Dr. Tifford is a big LIVESTRONG supporter here in Stamford. As a testicular cancer survivor, and well respected member of the community, he started his own foundation, which also supports the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and will be honoring Doug Ullman at their upcoming annual event (at which I will be volunteering). Not only was I very happy to speak to him about the gala, but I got word that I do not have a torn meniscus and can go back to cycling as usual. (The hamstring injury that put a stop in my 200-mile ride 140 miles in is healing very nicely, too.) On top of that, he had some great advice for our January gala we're planning, so I was pretty happy on my way back to the office.

Until I checked my Facebook account and I saw the status of my Senior National Sales Director with Mary Kay, Lisa Allison. She announced that a fellow Mary Kay team member, Carolyn Davis, was just diagnosed with brain cancer. I was shocked. Carolyn, who lives in Texas, is one of the funniest, silliest, most energetic people I've ever met. She makes me look quiet, speechless and most wall-flower-like. (NO JOKE.)

I immediately Tweeted to my LIVESTRONG friends to pray for her. I looked up her number and gave her a call, to offer my support, and to see if I could put her in touch with some of my LIVESTRONG friends. Not 2-minutes into the call, my Twitter page was flooded with replies. I had 2 LIVESTRONG friends offer to go to her bedside. Another to send her support. And messages of hope and prayer and thoughts for Carolyn.

Holding back my own tears, I told Carolyn about the response. And she was so happy. You see, she hasn't even had a chance to tell her family yet. She just learned about it. And she's scared. And confused. (I could hear her trying to be strong, but she's shaken.) It was sudden. Unexpected. By the way, like me, she's a proud woman. Not the type to ask for help, from what I can tell.

She was so happy to receive the offer of support from people neither of us have had the chance to meet face-to-face yet.

THIS is why I'm a part of LIVESTRONG. THIS is why this organization touches my heart. Without question, the minute the big "C" enters someone's life, a virtual army of supporters come to hold hands, kick cancer's butt and be with you.

Please pray for Carolyn.

(VERY special thanks to Jody and Lynn. Thank you.)

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